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Mover4u.com History

Mover4u.com History

We love local marketing. We love data. We Love Moving Companies, We Love Real Estate, We love our clients.

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Built on Innovation

Mover4u.com moving directory is an industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions that provides brands with a better understanding of their connection to their customers. Mover4u.com does this by capturing data as well as providing strategy and customized services to help brands maximize their online presence and drive customers to their locations.

Established in 2003, Mover4u.com (known as Moving Directory) powers more than 150,000 brands and serves more than 5.5 million business locations. Mover4u.com has channel strength that reaches millions of consumers around the world. CEO Tim Stevens has led Mover4u.com in developing local marketing solutions that include the brand score platform, scalable local SEO, local advertising, mobile-local technologies and local-social marketing tools.


Local Content For All

We launched the first Website local CMS system marketing to help our loyal clients bring in the foot traffic for real estate, mortgage and moving companies.


Customer Success Management

We brought our VP of Client Services Dave Henry on board to ensure quality service and attention for every client.


Real Estate Agent Locator Launched

We released our real esatte agent locator to be placed on brand websites and help customers find the nearby brands they were searching for.


Second Office Opens

Our founders’ favorite place in the world became his new home ­­ San Francisco County, California.


First Business Listing Claiming

With Yelp, Google Plus, Bing, Local and other syndicators, we started unifying brand presence.


Inside Company Stock Ownership

We innovated the way companies take ownership by giving our staff a stake in our company by investing they ideas and startups in the company.


Our First Street Maps CMS

We acquired CMS Street Maps Technologies, to manage location­based searching applications. This platform was a suite of geographic locator and business analytics applications.


The Fall of Yellow Pages

With yellow pages finding new way to alleviate in to the new media we got some chairs and standing desks! The perfect place to innovate.


B2B Transactions Served

A landmark number for us, we helped bring millions of consumers from search to local business locations.


Acquired Mover4u.com

The SMB­targeted presence management platform was integrated into our solutions offerings to help our clients create a brand people love.


Factual Trusted Data Contributor Partnership

With our robust source of location data, we joined Factual in their mission of ensuring high quality location data both nationally and globally.



Moving Directory has emerged as Mover4u.com, a local presence management technology that will change the future of local marketing.

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