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Mover4u.com develops innovative on

Movers Directory provides free quotes from the network of Americas best moving companies and truck rental services, find helpful articles and tips, Find Movers - Moving Companies. Get Free Multiple Moving Quotes from Professional Movers. Compare Moving Services. Read Reviews, Guides and How to Videos. Movers, Moving Companies, Moving Company, Services, Quotes, Estimates, Auto Transport, International Moves, Storage, Moving Guides, Video. Find the best deal from hundreds of local & national moving companies. From truck rentals to auto transport, make your next move easy with moving companies, moving services, moving quotes, quotes for moving, mover4u.com. Get Free Moving Quotes from licesend and insured moving companies. Find and compare moving  prices from affordable Local and Long Distance movers. mover4u.com accurate consumer database will help you create the perfect pre-mover lists. Get access to their accurate and up-to-date consumer database.

Moving companies directory and Movers list at Mover4u.com. Get Free quotes from movers and moving companies listed in online directory at Mover4u.com. movers directory, movers quotes, online directory movers, local movers, long distance movers, interstate movers, international movers, cross country movers, international moving servies, moving and storage, real esate and relocation services, there's a chance that your business already have free basic business listing on our directory website, choose to upgrade it and enjoy new leads in your area. if you can't find your listing please contact us.

line applications and supports new forms of cooperation in the form of co-creation. 
Our products and services have the goal of making business processes more efficient and cheaper. 
We want moving companies and real estate companies take advantage of our smart online applications. As a company we operate independently. 
This means that we guarantee confidentiality for all the information we hear from our customers and see. 
We refer explicitly stuck in legal agreements with our customers.

In development

As the National Webshop App. Mover4u.com provides all connected movers the opportunity to individuals to sell their used boxes via a web shop. The aim is to come into contact with individuals who are moving themselves and find cheap moving boxes. 
Because the customer buys these boxes, he leaves behind his data in your database and you have a contact time once the boxes are retrieved. You can also make a profit on your moving boxes used. 
The App runs on the site of all the participants and general platforms. By means of a zip code check, the customer will only see the nearest movers.

Mover4u.com can each mover quickly and easily build a mobile version of your website. Optimally adapted to the size of a mobile phone and the main objectives to be sought with the phone. 
Think search on a phone number, leaving a 'call me to- back request and quickly check an address.

Mover4u.com ponders the possibility of a 3D Mobile Video Survey, in which the customer's home and belongings to move filming with his cell phone. The app translates everything into 3D volume, then the system calculates the exact number of cubic meters and the required boxes to make an offer. 
The customer gets to see the offer immediately and may optionally reserve are moving date. What follows is personal contact with the customer to tailor the details, but in principle the contract made after booking the moving date.



Ask around for a recommendation
If you have family or friends who have recently moved and chose to go with a moving company, ask them how their company was. If they gave a positive review for a certain company, you should definitely be looking towards that direction. 
However, don’t make that your one choice, still look around at your other options. There’s no guarantee that you’ll feel the same as them about that certain company.

Hiring a Moving Company
If you have any questions or would like more information about hiring a moving company please Contact Us. If you are planning on buying or selling a home or property please visit our Buyers Page or Sellers Page.
Hiring a Moving CompanyWhen it comes to moving, there are a lot of options in what you can do. You can be ambitious and try to move all your belongings yourself, but if you feel like you can’t handle that, you could always hire a mover or moving company for you. 
Movers can help you pack your things, drive all your stuff to your new property and unload it all for you. 
But there’s always the risk of finding a less-reputable mover who can end up costing you more money and time than you wanted, Contact Us, and we will give you our list of trusted professionals to assist you in finding the right company. 
Today moving companies offer a multitude of services above the basic loading, transporting, and unloading of your belongings. Extended services now include packing your belongings, the sale or hire of packing materials, unpacking, cleaning and the setup of your new home!

Make friends

Ask friends, coworkers, and local real estate agents. Look in the phone book for moving companies that have offices near your home. You’re going to want to get an in-person estimate of how much your move will cost. Don’t rely on any estimate that comes from someone who hasn’t looked in every one of your closets. Don’t assume that big-name companies are best.

Enjoy the best

Real estate agents enjoy the best environment among major cities in the country, chiefly due to a hot housing market with a large turnover rate.

Live a life

Planning Your Move

There is no way to sugarcoat this: Moving isn’t fun. It isn’t fun if you’re doing it yourself. It’s not even fun if you’re hiring a moving company. Moving is when you box up your entire life and put it on a truck, and everything else stays behind – friends, family, your kid’s school, your favorite restaurants and shopping.

But moving also doesn’t need to be a hardship or a disaster. There are new friends to make, new schools to attend, new restaurants to discover and new places to shop.

A little planning is the key, so let’s go over a few things.

Choosing and Working with Movers
Insuring for the Move
Holding a Garage Sale
Donating Items to Charity
Moving Day
Moving Furniture
Moving in and Decorating
Helping your Children Move.

Be a reviewer

 Online real estate agent and moving companies reviews are more important than ever. Moving is a very stressful and expensive experience, and if you don’t take precautions it can quickly turn into a nightmare. So how do you find a moving company that you can trust with everything that you own, and still feel safe in your decision? 
Your next step is to pick up your phone book, or call your local real estate agents and find at least three moving companies that have offices in your area

Gain trust

As a moving company working to convince someone to trust you with they move. Reach out to the real estate agents in your area. It is this expectation of ease and trust that can make it all the more shattering when disputes arise with your moving company. Online marketing is growing in popularity for a reason. It helps you grow your brand, expand your lead databases and boost your bottom lines. The numbers about online engagement show just how meaningful online marketing is to your revenue stream.

Earn money

Some real estate agents make a career of referring clients who are moving away to agents in other communities, refer people or friends who are moving or need real estate agent to help each other.

Happy always

Real Estate Agent When you work with clients to get them into their dream homes, pay attention to what moving companies they use. Pay particular attention to homeowners who had exceedingly good or bad experiences.

Also familiarize yourself with local full-service moving companies who offer packing, moving, and storage. If your clients need these additional services, it will be more convenient for them to work with one company. Storage options might be right for your client if he or she is downsizing, temporarily transitioning to an apartment, decluttering the house to facilitate staging and selling, waiting for the new home to be ready, and more.

  • A key partner in reaching consumers looking to move. great moving leads and advertising skills, I am writing to extend my thanks to Mover4u.com for being a strong lead partner for My US Moving & Storage. We have been clients since 2015 and are very pleased with the overall success of this campaign and the exceptional service we receive....

    Tali Bar
    Managing Director - My US Moving & Storage
  • Our moving company had all of the right services and great customer service but we could never seem to get enough traction on customer referrals. We needed we contact Mover4u.com Were Each campaign can be customized based on route, distance, weight, and move type. You can also pre-pay your campaigns and set how many daily leads your needs.

    James Donovan
    Ceo - 1 Men and Truck
  • Building moving apps it's easy generate leads it harder that's why we trust Mover4u.com Marketing Knowledge for Our leads management groups report that your organization deals with its vendors in a professional and courteous manner. Your products and services are priced competitively, and remain a very viable and reliable source of...

    Dan Roberts
    Founder - Moving Apps Inc
  • "I purchase primarily from MOVER4U.COM for our storage business in Dallas, TX and we track our closing percentage as to converting to a cost free in storage estimate and then all the way down to booked revenue – the numbers and results have been great!
    "We get great support – we view this as a true partnership"

    Soto Tebow
    Soto Tebow - L.E.N Storage
  • We started using Mover4u.com because it was the only web-based moving and
    storage software on the market. The convenience of being able to input a customers info anywhere makes it much easier on our sales staff. There is no need for my CSR to transfer or sync the customer’s information after the survey has been completed. This cuts down...

    Marry Lindsay
    CEO - Vertiginous International Shipping
  • I joined Mover4u.com in December of 2015 and was with a national big-name company for 6+ years prior to that. I have now closed 32 Leads with Mover4u.com I am very pleased with my decision to join Mover4u.com and wish I had done it sooner. I was a test engineer in telecom/datacom for 10 years prior to starting real estate so I particularly...

    Brandon Marketing Manager - Zebra Moving Ltd

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